Saturday, September 20, 2008

I didn't write a Column for the Gazette last week...I was busy!

Feeding cats

Picking my last tomatoes...

Picking up limbs and sticks....

And baking an apple pie!

Good week here at 201!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Preparing for Gustov....

First signs of Gustov

But we were still smiling

Finnally after days of rainy and cloudy days, there was sun

on the sun porch.

HCG September 4 2008
I am writing this on Sunday morning, August 31, hurricane Gustov is in the gulf of Mexico headed to the Louisiana coast. It is a category 3 right now.

I have done everything I can think to do to get ready. Yesterday I filled my truck and the gas cans with fuel, when Katrina hit, there was not a vehicle on the place, not my car, not the old truck, not even a lawn mower that had enough gas to do anything with…except Johns car, he had a full tank, not because Katrina was coming, John always had a full tank of gas…he regularly lectured the kids and I, “You don’t have to wait until the engine starts to sputter to stop for gas.” Needless to say if we ran out of gas we did not call him…He would be very grumpy. Now that John is gone I do keep gas in my car…I have said many times I listen to him much better now, then I ever did when he was alive….he isn’t here anymore to get me out of my predicaments, so I had to change my lackadaisical ways.

I have got candles and flashlights on the ready, I have lots of canned food…very little in my frig or freezer…since Katrina I do not Buy! Buy! Buy! just because it is on sale…my freezer was stuffed when Katrina blew in to Edwards and turned our lights off…what a waste…I said I was not going to do that again and I haven’t….in fact my freezer stays unplugged most of the time.
I went out this morning and got the front porch ready, took down the ferns, brought in my house plants, laid the furniture down, all I have left to do is set the swing on the floor…I will leave that until last, so I can sit out there until the strong winds arrive.

I have kept my laundry done up…My basket is empty…when Katrina hit, I had laundry piled up every where…I don’t remember why because, I usually do a load or two everyday…..but what ever the circumstances, I had baskets of sheets, and towels, jeans, and t shirts….it was very depressing to look at…how long was the electricity out? Nearly Two weeks wasn’t it? Far too long to have to look at piles of soiled laundry.

I am off to Church now…

I’m back…stopped by the grocery store while I was out very busy, many buggies in the isles…but it was not chaotic. Folks were calm and polite…not pushy. The drama seemed to be at their gas pumps…folks trying to back in to gas lines..lines were quitw long

This might be our last day with out lights for a while…..So now I have put my electricity conservation plan on hold , I have pushed all of the buttons my air conditioners cranking out cold air…I have my water heater going too…I am going to take a long hot luxurious bath tonight…and tomorrow I will take a long hot bath every 3 or four hours…until the lights go out…

Call if you need me