Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Victor Lewis Montgomery, Jr.,

Lewis at his cabin by the lake
Hosting a church picnic

Victor Lewis Montgomery, Jr., 62, passed away peacefully on April 18, 2011 in Edwards, Mississippi. Lewis was a graduate of Raymond High School and Mississippi State University and lifelong resident of Edwards, MS. He was self-employed farmer and cattleman. He served in Mississippi's Air National Guard. Lewis was an avid hunter and held a deep admiration for the land and wildlife. His strongest love was for Christ and his church, Edwards Presbyterian where he faithfully served as elder.

Lewis is preceded in death by his parents, Victor "Vic" Lewis Montgomery and Geraldine Montgomery "Gibbens". He is survived by his loving wife Kay Montgomery and his two children Angie Montgomery Zadrozny and husband C.J. of Edwards, MS, Victor Lewis Montgomery, III and wife Leigh of Jonesboro, AR. Grandchildren include: Taylor Jack Zadrozny, Whitaker Lewis Zadrozny and Molly Leigh Montgomery. Also his sister Barbara Mellon (Joe) of Clinton.

Memorials may be made to Edwards Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 347, Edwards, MS Visitation will take place at 10:00 am followed by a service at 11:00 am at Edwards Presbyterian Church. Interment will follow the service in the Edwards Cemetery. .

April 20, 2011
Clarion Ledger
Jackson Mississippi


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Christiansen's Comments...Hinds County Gazette April 14 2011

Last Friday, Whit and I watched as the last building , the old Lewis Mercantile, on Main street between highway 80 and the Railroad tracks come tumbling down . They used a backhoe to manipulate the old building’s calculated descent to the ground. I really thought the old building would have crashed into a pile of rubble on the first blow from the backhoe’s bucket…But the old building didn’t give up that easy…it took more persuading to bring it down then one might would have expected.

Whit in front of the Old Lewis Building
Edwards Mississippi

When Whit and I struck out that morning to see what we could see…we sure didn’t expect to see anything that exciting. Whit’s great grandfather Lewis built the building, in 1893, anyway that is the year the man that was tearing it down told us .…they gave Whit a brick.

It is so much fun to hang out with Whit….everything is new to him and every thing is exciting to him…it was fun to see his little feet kick in excitement as the old building came down. No stray brick could possibly hit us….We were watching from a safe distance, the parking lot across the street. However, the front sort of fell in slow motion …. Great clouds of dust funneled out the front door. I quick like a mouse took a picture…then grabbed the stroller and tried to get Whit out of the way of the cloud of dust that was coming straight at us….A few particles may have landed on him. Whit’s mommy is pretty laid back but was not certain how she would feel about him being up in the middle of a haze antique grime…..

As I was a running in the direction of clear air…I said to Whit, “I can’t wait until you are old enough to take some of the heat.” Grandson Garrett and I stayed in trouble…But then came a day when I heard this, “I don’t care what your grandma said! You know better!”

Of course, I would never have told Garrett he did not need to tell his parents everything he knew…But I thought, surely one day on he is going to figure it out on his own…he never did.

Gotta go

call if you need me….

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christiansen's Comments, Hinds county Gazette April 7 2011

I stay in trouble.

Whit…remember Whit? The little 8 month old boy that I take care of sometimes. Now I am being scolded because of the way I am feeding him. No! No! not by his mother Angie. Whit’s mommy is very laid back and easy going. Whit doesn’t come with a lot of instructions…no rules about nap times etc. And Jacqueline did warn Angie that free baby sitting does not come with out a price. Spoilage Mostly. So Angie leaves Whit and I alone to do pretty much as we please.

It was daughter Angela, who was questioning what I was letting Whit eat “Mother you are not feeding Whit food that his mommy doesn’t know about are you?” That was her reaction to Whit’s first out of the norm culinary venture at my house…..I believe it was when I told her I let him taste the icing when he and I were making valentine cookies for his grandmother Kay Kay. When Angela begins a sentence with “Mother” I know I am in trouble. I don’t even try to defend myself…. I just listen. ….

Whit making cookies for Kay Kay

I do tell Angie what I feed Whit…but often it is after the fact….because we don’t always know what we might be having for our lunch that day. I do not give Whit the foods that can cause dangerous allergic reactions…chocolate, peanut butter, eggs, strawberries all such as that.

Whit weaned himself from the bottle two or three weeks ago. Well, the other day, Whit was kind of fussy…he was sleepy….but would not close his eyes….I filled a bottle with sweet tea…he took the bottle as I rocked him to sleep. Well, apparently you are not suppose to let babies have sweet tea….Did you know that? I was quite surprised….and even more surprised to find out everybody seem to know it but me.

Told you all that to say this…I am trying very hard to do better….Have you been to the baby food isle? My word there is a lot of baby food out there…Whit is coming tomorrow…we are having a baked sweet potato, from a real potato, and plums from the baby food isle, and yogurt for lunch….for our afternoon treat we will be having watermelon….one of those little seedless ones.

Whit and I have been getting out and about more now that Spring is here….first outing was to H&M to see Ms. Becky. While we were out we took a stroll over the Railroad bridge, and back down Main Street.

Last week we went to Bolton to the Hardware Store, to get keys made and see Jack, the Hardware Cat. Whit got to watch Joe make a key. ….Whit was fascinated with the key making process… Then we crossed the street to the library and visited with the librarian Alfenette Robinson. Alfenette wanted me to tell everybody in Edwards “Hello” She use to be the librarian over here.

Whit and Joe at the Hardware store In Bolton Mississippi

By the way, The snake man will be at the library this summer…Whit and I are going!

Love to all

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christiansen's Comments from 03/31/2011 Hinds County Gazette

We have had lovely weather of late….

I have gotten much accomplished in the yard….lawn mowed, and trimmed, a tree moved and replanted, sprayed 3 gallons of Round Up and dug up day lilies…plan to replant the lilies when I finish here. And I have moved the fire pit from the back yard to the front yard.

You might be a red neck if…you have a fire pit made out of used concrete blocks in your front yard.

                                                                      Fire pit in the distance....
                                The white things are concrete stools I made...Just gets tackier and tackier...

All of my lawn care equipment has now been cranked and ready for Spring and Summer 2011…the string trimmer needed no encouragement, it cranked on the first pull, the push mower started after replacing his spark plug, on the second pull, ….the riding mower after getting a new spark plug was still a bit hesitant, Then Doug Tuner squirted ether in to his carburetor, that dose of ether had Riding Mower, singing a different tune. After receiving the ether treatment Riding Mower was more then happy to get up and get to work.

Doug retired last fall, he has been here the last couple of weeks replacing rotted wood on my house…we are looking good here at 201! I am so tickled…I was getting depressed looking at the rot…no one else seemed to notice it. But folks are noticing my house is looking nice now…some thought it had been painted or had gotten a new roof ….
                                                                           Doug on the scaffolding
                                                                     Kay and Jo Gayle on the ground...

Saturday I went to town to get the ferns for the front porch and while at the nursery I picked up a few azalea bushes …I am planting the azaleas as a screen between the fire pit and the house.

You might still be a red neck…. Even if you plant azaleas to hide the fact you have a cement block fire pit in your front yard.

It is 7:20 AM Monday morning March 28. Bertha Rather just called, she and Charles heard on the scanner, (Charles is a volunteer fireman) that there was an ambulance called to Worrell Road….that is where our Ms. Worrell lives.  Ms. Worrell is 98...will be 99 in July.  Let me go see what I can find out….I will let you know what I know.

9:30 still no word…and no answer at Burleigh.
Ms. Worrell's home

11:30 I can’t get REBUL to answer the phone. Brooke, Ms. Worrell's son, teaches at REBUL

11:58ish REBUL answered, Brooke is not in today, he is with his mother at the hospital. The nice man that answered the phone at REBUL seemed to think things, at the moment things were going well with Ms. Worrell….

That’s all I know now.

Love to all