Monday, August 24, 2015

August 23 2015

It has been awhile!

I no longer live In Edwards Mississippi...I now live in Small Town Nebraska. I have moved to Holdrege Nebraska,  will soon be here a year.  Holdrege is where I spent my teenage years. 

  Daughter Angela moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Cedar Rapids Iowa...So I said to my self "I will go home." But you all, I really do not know if I came home or left home....I Love Mississippi! But I am enjoying Holdrege very much...My heart has duel homes.  Your heart can be in two places....I so wish my body could.

 I bought a house sight unseen...Yikes! Because very few landlords will rent to people with dogs.  And I have two. But it is working out nicely, I have had a bit of work  done to the house. Had a fence installed, new storm doors and painted floor in kitchen.
This is how my house looked when I bought it.....Now it looks like this! As you can see it is a very small house.
I have spend the Spring and summer working on the landscape...not much was here when the pups and I moved in.
The Garage and it's yard...the picnic table, is not used to as intended...But as a work station/potting bench.
Of course it would not be my house without a place to play in the cement!
I have begun a new blog
It will be up and running soon!
Come see me there!