Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HCG January 30, 2014


Good morning, this is Monday morning the 27 of January, it is 45 degrees and that will be the high for today. Yesterday, Sunday it was 60 degrees, tomorrow Tuesday the weatherman is saying there is a possibility of snow…by the end of the week it is predicted we will be back up the high 50’s and lower 60’s. This seems to be our weather pattern of late.

During last week’s cold snap I became very nervous about the state of my pantry, there were long vacant spaces on the shelves, where there was suppose to be backup provisions, there was no can of coffee waiting on the ready …no extra sugar or flour…it was low on canned fruits and vegetables.

So yesterday Sunday I went to town and stocked up on groceries…when it is cold outside I do not like to be short in the pantry.

This maybe off subject….Maybe not since I have not yet picked subject…Yesterday as I was pushing my cart gathering groceries…I thought of Katherine Hepburn, and a line she had in a movie.  I do not remember the name of the movie…just the statement she made, and through the years it has stuck with me. Another actor’s line was, “I don’t make the rules.”

 Katherine Hepburn’s reply was, “Sure you do, we all do.”

Well there I was pushing my cart picking up cat food and lettuce with folks that it was obvious they, like me, had just come from church…. I could tell because they had their Sunday clothes on.

 I begin to recall, maybe you all remember when it was decided, some time in the late 70’s early 80’s, to let the Metro Center Mall open on Sunday…And what a up roar that caused. Many of us vowed declared we would never shop on Sunday.  Then came the little league baseball hullabaloo…remember?  Remember when they began playing games on Sunday? Parents said they opposed the new rule…But they still took their kids out of Sunday school and church loaded them in a van to go play ball.

I will always believe the majority of people back then, actually did oppose both the opening of businesses on Sunday and the playing Little League on Sunday….

Which leads me say this ….The majority does not rule…. we follow.

As followers we are making the rules….
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