Monday, April 21, 2008

My Dog Tag

HCG April 17 2008

My friend, my companion, my loyal dog Tag has died. I found her Thursday morning two weeks ago, in the side yard, under my bedroom windows. Tag came into our lives in 1998.

Her last day was one of our ordinary days, we spent most of it in the yard working…her and my other two dogs, Harley and Charlie followed me from place to place. On after while Harley and Charlie lost interest in yard work and went and waited at the back door for luncheon to be served. But Tag, never left me, even when I was mowing she laid down at the top of the hill… where she could watch me and never loose sight of me. In fact I named her Tag because, she tagged along where ever I went, Tag would not get in the car of her own free will….but she learned where she might find me and she would be waiting on me at church, city hall etc. She followed me then would lie on top of my car and patiently wait for my return, then follow behind the car back home.

The day before she died, we had our lunch which included her favorite treat Vienna sausages…Tag never was selfish about the snacks, unlike Harley and Charlie; she didn’t mind waiting her turn. When she was a young dog, Tag even brought a litter of stray puppies and their mother to eat her food, she never ate until they had finished.

Tag actually did not belong to me, not when she and I first became friends… Tag lead a double life….she would come when she saw me in the yard….and stay all day. But come evening, John and I from the front porch, would watch her take a catawampus course across Luster Street, between that old shop building and the carwash and disappear.

Tag was well cared for, she was clean and was never hungry….in our heart of hearts we knew she must belong to somebody, but we were in denial. Then that Christmas when she came to our house with a brand new pink collar, we were crushed, we could no longer even hope to make her ours….We enjoyed her when she was with us and missed her when she was gone.

Fast forward to that next summer when they came to film, on our Main Street, the movie, “Oh, Brother” The town was full of stray dogs…Well, the sheriffs department came to rounded them up…They didn’t get all of dogs, I know because, Emily took a photograph the day of the filming, capturing me surrounded by several stray dogs.

But they did get Tag….That’s when I found out where and with who she spent the time away from us. Because her first family went to Raymond, paid her fine, and was bringing her back to Edwards when I spotted her in his back seat of James Williams’s car. I squealed, “Tag” …James stopped the car with a big smile said “So it’s your house she goes to.” Right then and there, James gave Tag to me…Wasn’t that a most generous gift? And he told me if the sheriffs department came and got her again he would go back and get her for me.

James Williams is Ms. Willie V. Crump’s son, at the time Ms Crump was on the Edwards town board of alderman, after many years of service to this community Ms Crump retired and James is now on the board. Ms Crump lives on Utica Street just one street over from here and at the time James ran a cafĂ© on Utica Street, catawampus across Luster Street between the old shop building and the car wash.

I had always heard that if a dog belonged to a black family it would not like white people and if a dog belonged to a white family the dog would not like black people. Well Tag proved that theory wrong….Tag didn’t care…. Tag loved, and was loved by her two families, one black and one white.

A man from the church, Robert Edward Wilkerson, helped me wrap Tag in a lovely blanket and we buried her at the edge of the woods…The digging was easy because of the rains…but saying goodbye to my friend has been hard.
Through tears I say….
Love to all and
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Bridge is Open!!! The Bridge is Open!!!

Recently, I found this Hinds County Gazette column mentioning the bridge that I had not posted here.

Christiansen’s Comments
HCG December 14 2007
All things considered, it fairly quiet around Edwards. The construction on the new bridge is winding on down. Friday afternoon Jacqueline, Miss Haley (Jacqueline’ soon to be 3 year old grand) and I walked over to see the progress, one of the workers told us it would be finished before the first of the year… They had not poured any concrete yet, but there was lots of rebar and compacted sand in place.

The old hump back bridge was quite narrow, so when I ventured over it, I would close my eyes and pray that nobody was coming up the other side….. You might as well close your eyes you couldn’t see anything anyway. Because, when driving over the wooden bridge, as you reached the crest, all you could see was sky. …I can not help but believe, many prayers were whispered at the top of that old bridge. And God did look after us…I do not recall a single collision of consequence happening on that old bridge.

This new bridge seems to be even steeper then the old bridge…Looking at the incline brought Mac McNair to mind. “Mac could have made good use of this new bridge.” I said. When we first moved to Edwards, Mac was a familiar sight, flying around town on his skate board…. He was just a kid back then….

Mac recently got married in New York… I know no details. In fact I am not sure how I know that much.
Late Friday afternoon, Jacqueline’s new computer arrived…a lap top with a docking station…Very excited, I hurried out to the country, calling myself going to help her get it up and running.

But if you can plug in a toaster, you can get a computer up and functioning…It’s a good thing too…The piece of paper that the instructions were printed on was quite narrow, maybe 3 inches wide, but rather long… I’m guessing.18 or 20inches, the English language portion took up maybe 21/2 of those inches. It didn’t matter, because when that computer got electricity to it….all of the instruction required came on the screen….it walked you through every phase…it took a bit of time, but it sure was easy.

In fact, the most difficult part of the whole process was releasing the software from their cellophane wrapped, hard plastic boxes …one in particular was frustrating… It had this red ribbon hanging out of it, thinking that must be how it opened…Jac worked on it, until she got out done with the it… at that point she handed it to me, I struggle with it a good while, when I gave up… Jac carried it to hubby Russell …He took his pocket knife to it…And way on after while, he called from the living room….”I don’t know what I did, but its open.” And that’s all I know for this week…..

Besides, I got to run…I am cooking and it is time to add the vinegar, to a dish I am renaming this year…I am calling it “Aspic of Le Porcetet” I am hoping that is French. I am renaming the dish, because, even some (nearly all) of my best buddies, the most culinaryly courageous folks I know, will not even taste it…. when called by its American title. Now these are the same folks who will eat cat fish stuffed eggs…we will see if the name change helps.

“Aspic of Le` Porcetet” is not unlike fruitcake ether you like it or you don’t…most don’t…I would suspect more folks would eat fruitcake then “Aspic of Le Porcetet”
Love to all, and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season….soon it will be Christmas.
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Judge Bobby DeLaughter

Hinds County Gazette April 10 2008
I am Mad!
You all, I have given this issue concerning the suspension of Judge DeLaughter “The Big Think”, consisting of several hours on lawn mower thinking on it… pondering over it while weed eating, Mulling it over while the electricity was out, studying the subject on the internet….And still, this morning, I am unable to sort out just who I should to be mad at.
Maybe I should be angry at the media? Those Media folks are frustrating for sure….the reports I read seemed to be less then in depth. In fact, quite fuzzy…but extremely tantalizing, suggestions to bribery, Judgeships, former Senator Trent Lott, and big money…. but in nothing I read, was it ever suggested, that Judge Delaughter took any of the millions of dollars that was being shuffled around Mississippi …..Nor did he get a Judgeship…..So I am having trouble putting all of that together….But the media is doing what they always do…over do and under do…..and have the first amendment right to do.,
So I moved on, and decided to direct my wrath at those who recommended that Judge Delaughter be suspended, the Mississippi Commission for Judicial Performance, …I was convinced they were some sort of self appointed, self promoting group of people…who just wanted to agitate and make headlines . But they are not…I googled them and they have duties and responsibilities, a Mississippi constitutional mandate to do look in to matters involving Mississippi Judges. You can’t be mad at people for doing their job.
Then I read, in the Gazette, Judge Delaughter’s open letter, to the Executive Director, Mississippi Judicial Performance Commission. He is not going to fight the suspension I quote from the letter, he is speaking about his years in the Judicial system “I have become well aware of the invaluable place and service of the Judicial Performance Commission in reassuring the citizens that the judiciary of their state is dedicated to the principal that our is a government of laws and not of men.” He goes on to say “I believe with all of heart in the system”
Judge DeLaughter is not angry or bitter He is believes in the system and is willing to wait for that system to work. The Judge is not mad….So now, I am hard at it, trying not to be angry…
But I pray that a decision will soon be forthcoming. Because it is not just our Hinds County circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter who is hanging fire, we the citizens of Hinds County Mississippi are as well, we voted him in to his position…. And we have a every right to expect this matter be resolved in a timely manner and Judge Delaughter back on the bench serving this county as soon as possible.
Love to all and
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad Storm hits Mississippi

Mississippi was hit hard by storms are a few pictures from around Edwards.
This is across from the old Baptist parsonage.
This tree down is at Dave Montgomery's (Laura Emrick's) House.
This is at the brick house just behind the old gym....
This is at the Mt. Moriah Church.
Magnolia street is blocked by a downed tree.