Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hinds County News May 2016

Hinds County News May 2016

The last day of March I began my first journey back Mississippi, since selling my home, a year and a half ago, my wonderful home of thirty years, to come back to Nebraska, where I was born and raised, to be near family in my old age.  It was hard leaving Mississippi when I left the first time…it wasn’t any easier leaving this time. I will be back!!!

I began the trip at first light, I leisurely motored along back roads, all the way…nearly a 1000 miles.  What a lovely drive it was, the morning I left Holdrege there were only miniscule hints that Spring might be coming soon to Nebraska.  I took highway 183 South through Kansas and Oklahoma, then Highway 70 across southern Oklahoma and Arkansas, that is where spring took on color, Wisteria climbing in trees that had not yet leafed out turning them purple…. The dogwood trees tucked in to the edges of the woods were in full flower. Oh!! My favorite the azaleas they were spectacular!

By the time I cross over the Mississippi River at Greenville, into the Mississippi delta, it was full blown Spring.  The trees were all leafed out, well that is not entirely true, there is always one exception…. the pecan trees.  Bless’m they are the first to drop their leaves in the Fall and last to acquire them in the Spring.

I was in hopes that by the time I returned to Holdrege it would be Spring, was not to be… the trees did not yet have their leaves, but thrilled to see the ornamental cherries, and pears were in full flower….as were the dandelions, my yard was a carpet of yellow, rather happy looking…I love the color yellow.

 Recently I was among a group discussing the dandelion, one meek little voice spoke up to say, “leave them for the bees” I must say that was not the prevailing attitude of the gathered.

Folks up here look down their noses at dandelions, my lawn in Mississippi if it was green I mowed it and called it lawn!  Now the poison ivy, that was crawling in the grass and up the pecan trees, I, on occasion, tried to kill it…but on after while I gave up that notion…. telling myself it was okay because, some summers it was so hot and dry that the leaves would just turn brown and plummet to the ground without ever turning color, those years’ poison ivy gave us our prettiest fall color.   I got to say in the fall, poison ivy is spectacular…brilliant reds and oranges!

Back to the dandelion saga, my yard was the only one on the block covered by the happy yellow flowers and they did not go unnoticed.  I do not know that I ever intentionally set out to kill a dandelion…Oh whacked them with the weed eater…that does not kill them, if anything whacking invigorates them. 

With sadness in my heart, I set out to deliberately kill the dandelions…went to the hardware store and bought a sack of happy yellow flower eradicator… that was a week ago, so far they do not seem to be at all daunted by my efforts, they are still looking up and smiling at me. I must confess, I am somewhat relieved.
Hey I got to go
Love to all

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ponderings from my front porch....On the Avenue Holdrege Nebraska

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Hinds County News
July 2016

I had always assumed my John did not like talking on the phone.   If the house phone rang more than twice he would announce, “Telephone is ringing”.  And he would continue making that announcement until someone answered the phone or it quit ringing.  John refused to answer the phone even if he was sitting right next to it. He claimed, “it is never for me.” And of course he was almost always right.  But now that I am thinking about it if someone was able to get to the phone before the ringing stopped…he would always ask, “who was it?” …. “what did they want?” Hmmmmm quite odd….
My dad was not a phone talker…I have known very few men who were social phone talkers…. business yes.   But personal no… for John his phone conversations were limited almost exclusively to arranging hunting or fishing outings and those were short and to the point.
So anyway…as I was drinking my coffee, from the porch I noticed most everybody driving up and down the Avenue were on their cell phones.   Even the men!   
I said all of that to say this:  On the porch this morning I had an epiphany!
 About men and telephones…. They love their cell phones just like women do!   What they did not like about house phones was being tethered to a wire plugged into the wall or a phone that only functioned inside a certain perimeter. And after John bought his first cell phone he became quite a chatter.
Done with that thought

What I planned to talk about this morning is paint and painting.   I recently acquired a darling little building one of those already built, it is a Derksen! 
Little Building
"LB" for short

As I have told you my house is small.  I needed more room so I ordered a 10x12                                                                                                                                                                                               shed … I really don’t know how I will be using Little Building for certain, so far, in the evenings the pups and I just enjoy sitting out there and watch the goings and comings on the Avenue.
Emma on the left Shelby on the right
So back to the painting, I set out to prepare to paint “Little building”, The outside was already painted a bright shining white, so was only dealing with the inside.  I was determined to do it right, go according to manufacturer’s instructions. I have to tell you they have very specific directions, no grease or dirt, if dirt or grease are present, it must be washed and rinsed meticulously then let dry completely… any glossy surfaces must be sanded lightly….no loose or peeling paint…rust must be dealt with…  Certain kinds of woods must first be primed!   As I was uncertain of what kind of wood, Little building was composed of I bought primer and paint.

Daughter Angela volunteered to paint Little Building over memorial weekend…
Daughter Angela
She was able to get the ceiling completed, it took three coats one primer and two of paint. I was left with the walls…no big deal…the she was able to do the hard part, the overhead painting. Angela calls Monday morning her dog Scout has paint on her back and on her belly…. The latex paint would not brush out or wash out…it had to be cut out.
  After several days of me staying on task, the painting was complete!  Walls and floor!
But!  My brand new pedicure was a wreck, covered with paint splatters, that could not be scrubbed off….Paint splatters all over skin, hands, arms, and nose, that paint did wear off, but it was way on after while …
 Last week I went to get my hair cut… Tim the fella that cuts my hair, after shampooing it, made the remark, “some of the paint came out, but not all”.    This after many washings at least 10!  
 The intended surfaces to be painted must be dealt with carefully for the paint to adhere to it, but on unintended surfaces that paint clings like grime death without any preparation what so ever.  I think that is rather odd….But on the bright side if the paint on little building clings to it like it does to noses, toes and dogs…I will be in the grave many years before it has to be painted again.   
I sure do miss Mississippi
Love to all