Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christiansen's Comments from Hinds County Gazette March 22 2012

As you all know the first lawn cutting of the season is tough

First the fallen limbs and the sticks have to picked up, Whit and I worked on the sticks all winter, trying to stay ahead of them, but those pesky sticks and limbs never stop falling, so there is always a fire pit full of them here at 201.

But, after several days of toil, (my yard is BIG ) I finally was able to get the entire yard mowed, trimmed and sprayed, I was proud as punch, and full of a great feeling of accomplishment. It was mid-afternoon when I finished up, and parked the mower under the shed. Grinning I went in the house took a bath, and washed my hair, poured myself a cold drink and headed to the front porch to admire my lawn.

Front yard
This is just 1/2 of front yard, I also have 2 side yards and back yard

I was just a swinging and grinning and I began to notice something quite amazing happening…Those weeds that have the pretty little flowers that comprise most of the lawn under the pecan trees…The weeds I thought I had cut…those little flowers began to reappear. I know everything grows fast in the spring, but surely not that fast…I can only conclude, I have very smart weeds, and the little flowers saw me coming and ducked.

I am sure glad the primary election is over, my phone rang relentlessly…what are those candidates thinking? Calling us in the evening when we are trying, to catch our breath from the day’s activities. I finally figured out to just stop answering the phone… But the ringing…I gotta tell you, the ringing got on my last nerve…Do they not think, we see all we want of them, on the TV making promises and more promises.

The office seekers, every one of them, have a plan, they each and every one know how fix America…They have a solution for all of our problems, the economy, gas prices, unemployment, health care, education etc…to hear them tell it there is not a problem they can not fix.

So you know what has this “Bear of little brain” scratching her head? Why is it, we are not fixed, because every four years we elect the man with the fool proof plan?

I am coming to believe, the changes we do see, that effect the United States ….are not being generated in America’s white house or by congress… … looks to me, like we are only reacting to events we have no control over. The price of gas appears to be controlled by foreign countries, big oil companies, even the weather appears has more control over the price of oil then the president or congress.

Remember the mortgage catastrophe? Of course you do, none of us will forget it anytime soon. Well, way back before it crashed and took Wall Street and people’s life savings with it and sent the American economy in to a tail spin; I remember many conversations on my front porch, when we were discussing, trying to figure out “how folks are able to afford all of those big houses that are being built?” “Where are they working that pays enough to pay those high mortgages?” My point here is, why if a porch full of housewives, over an afternoon glass of wine sensed there was something was bad wrong… Why did not some of our elected officials?

So that causes me to wonder who is really running the country. The people we elect or an out of control beauracracity? It seems to me the folks we elect are not even aware there are problems until we are in a full blown crisis. Then bless their hearts, they do what they do, and maybe what they do best… they convene hearings.

Love to all

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