Thursday, January 28, 2010

Country Girls can Survive....

HCG January 21 2010

I have a tile for this column, But no beginning

If I begin at the beginning, that will make for a prolonged ramble …that you may or may not have time to read, depending on the weather….Or may have more to do with your personal tolerance level for endless chatter. And besides I don’t know if this tale has a beginning….or an end for that matter. That is my strongest weakness, when it comes to writing, I don’t know where to start or when to end….so that makes the middle rather disorderly too.

Maybe...I shall begin by telling you that the Edwards Fellowship Club held their Christmas meeting here at 201...Sometimes the Christmas meeting is here, sometimes at Peggy Ann McKey’s. It had been raining for days, the ground around my house and even on my old drive was muddy… squashy. …this clay in my yard was ready for some one to come along and trap in it’s slippery clutches.

Most of us in the Club are not as young as we would like to be….and the thought of getting stuck in the mud…well it is enough to make you stay home. But Russell Cannada volunteered…maybe more like insisted he and Scott would come get anybody who was stuck in the mud ….out of the mud……I wasn’t suppose to let them try to get out on their own….I guess he figured we would be calling him anyhow if there was a problem…and the task would be by far less complicated if we called for help, while we were still just stuck and not mired in…. up to the axle.

By the way we had two new pairs of helping hands for this luncheon…I had ask Angie Zadrozny and Lesley Cannada to come help serve plates…they are young ladies from the church…I must confess, I had an ulterior motive for requesting their help…like I say, we are not getting any younger and when it comes my time to go live with Jesus, I want the young ladies of the church to be familiar with my house, where the knife, forks, wine glasses, coffee cups and all such as that are kept…the funeral dinner will be much easier on them if they know where stuff is.

Dish clothes and tea towels seemed to be the most elusive articles to find in a strange kitchen. When Barbara Pennebaker helps with a funeral she always has a pretty basket filled with useful articles…Kleenex, breath mints, serving spoons, I don’t remember what all…But I had a kit too…mine always had tea towels, dish cloths, hot pan holders and dish soap.

Well Angie had a conflict so she couldn’t come ….we were standing in the middle isle at the Presbyterian church when she broke the news to me. The person, in the closest proximity to me was, bless her heart, Sherry Cannada, I pounced, “Will you take Angie’s place?”…without hesitation she said she would.

The lunch went well, we spent a lovely, relaxing time visiting…with an anxiety free mind, …. if the mud grabbed us…. we had Russell to call. Folks were tickled to have Lesley here, she brighten our party for sure and great help! And every one was glad to see Sherry ….better known to the older set around Edwards as “Al’s wife“. Al’s wife is also grand help!

When the guests left, no one got stuck!

Or so I thought! Out my kitchen window I saw Peggy Ann’s car and Sherry’s vehicle still in the drive way, I assumed they were visiting….several minutes later they were still out there…yet another while past and they were still there…it tumbled to me, “it is drizzling rain…they aren‘t standing in the rain visiting!”… I went to the door to see if there was some kind of trouble….Peggy Ann, in the drizzling rain, was on the ground, half way under her car, in her party clothes and Sherry in her party clothes was toting a chain to her.

I ashamed of my self…but the first thing I did ,was run for my camera….Angela had it in Madison, so I crabbed my phone, it can take pictures and went back to the door…snapping pictures as I hollered “Want me call Russell?” *

Peggy and Sherry

An emphatic “No!’ was PA's  answer “We can handle this.”

And they did! PA fastened one end of the chain to her car…Sherry fastened the other end to her four wheel drive pickup truck…and that was it! Out it came!

Here is my title

Country Girls can Survive!

I am sorry to say, the pictures did not turn out well…..

Love to all

It was three years ago today that John died, if the Lord allows the deceased to look down and check on those they left behind, I believe John would be proud of the way , our golden retriever, Charlie and I are adjusting, we miss John but, we are settling in to a routine, we do a lot of puttering, we shuffle around in the shop a good bit…we go for a drive most every day…..we always have some kind of project going…We are happy….John would want us to be happy. …The days are getting noticeably longer, soon the daffodils and Japanese magnolias will be blooming…Charlie and I enjoy the longer days….longer days make for shorter nights.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christiansen's Comments Hinds County Gazette

The picture was taken by Nancy McKey Hale or Angie Montgomery Zadrozny.. in the up loading I got them all mixed up.
HGC January 14 2010

Lots has happen since we last talked. But I can’t chat long today, I have jury duty this morning…and the notice warns, failure to report, constitutes a contempt of court and that carries very serious consequences…fines and or jail. That what it says… so I will be setting the alarm to go off when I need to stop this and head to Raymond. So if I stop in mid sentence it is because I had to scram out of here.

Since being here last… the most note worthy event, took place one very rainy Saturday morning in mid December, over on Jackson Street, at the home of Jo Gayle and Audrey Reeves, It was a Very exciting event! It was news enough that the Vicksburg Post came to Edwards to cover the story. Santa Claus is a personal friend of the Reeves. You All!!!! Santa came to Jo Gayle‘s!

Jo Gayle called to tell me about that Santa would be coming to her house and she was inviting lots of children……and he would be reading the Christmas story to the children.

I guess Jo Gayle, detected a bit of a whine in my voice…Because, she quickly told me I could come…“I can’t come.“ I said “I don’t have any kids or grand kids to bring.“

Jo Gayle answered, “you can bring that little blonde boy, you think is so cute.“

“Taylor Jack!* Of Course! I will call Angie right now.” I did and Angie was thrilled, and I was greatly relieved to have a little person to take….

I got busy and made some gingerbread boys to take and share. Then packed up some homemade caramels for Taylor to give to Santa. The cookies and caramels were not a bribe… as was suggested …I merely wanting to show Santa Claus… Even though Taylor and I, during the year …that was about to pass, may have had a some difficult moments, that we hope Santa was not aware of…. We had tried very hard to be good the entire year of 2009.

And frankly, it is remarkable just how good we were…all things considered….it is not always easy being Taylor or me.….sitting still is a challenge for both of us….but Taylor, bless his little heart, gets in more trouble for being wiggly then I do…Taylor and his mom and dad sit two pews ahead of me. Taylor may squirm a bit in church…but he is very quiet…

When Jo Gayle said Santa would be reading the Christmas story, I just assumed it would be “T’was the night before Christmas” But when Santa gathered the little children around him, he took out the Bible and read to them the real Christmas story, about the birth of Jesus. I choked up and got tears in my eyes…I don’t know why really.. It was just one of those moments.

Love to all and call if you need me

* Taylor Jack (aka Buck) is the son of CJ and Angie Zadrozny and the Grandson of Lewis and Kay Montgomery.

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Picture of the day...

                                                    " There Was A Time"

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Picture of the day "The lone survivor..."

                                                   It was 19 degrees here last night....

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Picture of the day: My Boss

                                                              My cat Scout....

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Picture of the day: " He's so Vain......"

Sony wanted his first picture..... to be a self portrait.   I hope his talent is as big as his ego.