Monday, August 1, 2016

"The Social Scene" And other ramblings

Hinds County News for August 2016
Good Morning from Holdrege Nebraska!

 We are under an excessive heat warning today (7/20/16) it is currently (8:30 AM) 73 degrees headed to 99, humidity is 78%.  My old stomping grounds Edwards Mississippi it is 82 degrees going to 95, humidity is 82%.  There is difference in temps and humidity levels...but I have come to believe the important forecast is that of the wind, here we will have 10 mph winds …. Edwards the winds forecast is 0 mph.

Most folks up here are not big fans of wind, I love the wind, always have and I did miss it the years I lived in Mississippi.   In Mississippi when working outside, in the heat and humidity, having a damp towel draped around your neck is essential, as was a bandanna tied around your head, to keep the sweat from running in your eyes.  Here the breeze, I guess, dries up the sweat before it gets to running down your nose and into your eyes.   It is not comfortable working in my yard on a hot and humid day here, but even a light breeze makes working outside far more tolerable. 

I use to tell these Nebraskans, when they complained about the heat “It could be worse.”  They didn’t seem to believe me…so I stopped. Enough about the weather

 You may recall in April I went down to Mississippi, for my friend Gordon Cotton’s 80th birthday party…it was a grand event, it was held at the Old Court House Museum, in Vicksburg.  It was such a grand event that it was written up in “Bayous and Bluffs”, my friend Jacqueline sent the article to me.   The head line The Social Scene, the first picture in the article is of Gordon and I, that made me smile, because I do not consider myself “social”, however, I do consider myself sociable, because I do like to have a good time with my friends.  

Top left corner Gordon and  I

The article did stir up memories of Gordon getting me tangled up in newspaper stories in the Vicksburg post. Gordon for years wrote a column for the Vicksburg Post.   The first time, Gordon called and asked would I be interviewed for a story about my concrete leaf making, to be run in the Sunday paper.  Gordon never has fessed up it, but, it was very late in the week when he called, so I have always believed whoever was supposed to be featutred backed out.

 But sounded like fun so I said, “sure!”  Two young ladies came to my house, a writer and photographer, spent a good bit of the morning with me, chatting and taking pictures.

You All, A week or so before the writer and photographer came, John and I had had a dinner party and the empty wine bottles were in a cardboard box in the shop, there were 12 or so….It was a big party.   Any way the bottles were different colors and shapes, I had mixed up concrete to make leaves, the sun was shining bright that morning through those bottles.   I tell you, I could not help myself, I poured the concrete in the box, arranged the pretty bottles in the concrete…stood back and declared it fabulous! 

Well the photographer must have liked it too…I did not see her take a picture, but she did…..and that ladies and gentlemen was the biggest picture in the story……I was a tad embarrassed…..
Not the picture in Vicksburg post.....I took this picture some years later.

The next time Gordon himself came to do a story about me…so here he comes, him and a photographer, the photographer took lots of pictures around my house, on the porch etc…..which one gets on the Sunday paper!!!!! The one of me when they first arrived, I was in the kitchen, I had on my black apron, that my friend Kay Turner gave, the one with pink flamingos printed on it….we were chatting, something struck me funny, I went to laughing, my big mouth wide open and the photographer snaps a picture and that ladies and gents is the one they used.  You all the picture in the paper was big! really big!

Gordon soon after, wrote a story about my friend Isla, the mayor of Raymond, Mississippi, the picture that went with Isla’s story…. was of her, in her lovely living room, sitting on her beautiful antique sofa, behind her was a massive arrangement of dried hydrangeas…could not have been more a sophisticated sitting.

Mayor Tullos

Love to all
If you are ever this way stop and see me!
 PS.   to add to my embarrassment, a total stranger recognized me from the picture in The Vicksburg Post with my mouth wide open! The Lord does know how to keep me humble.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hinds County News May 2016

Hinds County News May 2016

The last day of March I began my first journey back Mississippi, since selling my home, a year and a half ago, my wonderful home of thirty years, to come back to Nebraska, where I was born and raised, to be near family in my old age.  It was hard leaving Mississippi when I left the first time…it wasn’t any easier leaving this time. I will be back!!!

I began the trip at first light, I leisurely motored along back roads, all the way…nearly a 1000 miles.  What a lovely drive it was, the morning I left Holdrege there were only miniscule hints that Spring might be coming soon to Nebraska.  I took highway 183 South through Kansas and Oklahoma, then Highway 70 across southern Oklahoma and Arkansas, that is where spring took on color, Wisteria climbing in trees that had not yet leafed out turning them purple…. The dogwood trees tucked in to the edges of the woods were in full flower. Oh!! My favorite the azaleas they were spectacular!

By the time I cross over the Mississippi River at Greenville, into the Mississippi delta, it was full blown Spring.  The trees were all leafed out, well that is not entirely true, there is always one exception…. the pecan trees.  Bless’m they are the first to drop their leaves in the Fall and last to acquire them in the Spring.

I was in hopes that by the time I returned to Holdrege it would be Spring, was not to be… the trees did not yet have their leaves, but thrilled to see the ornamental cherries, and pears were in full flower….as were the dandelions, my yard was a carpet of yellow, rather happy looking…I love the color yellow.

 Recently I was among a group discussing the dandelion, one meek little voice spoke up to say, “leave them for the bees” I must say that was not the prevailing attitude of the gathered.

Folks up here look down their noses at dandelions, my lawn in Mississippi if it was green I mowed it and called it lawn!  Now the poison ivy, that was crawling in the grass and up the pecan trees, I, on occasion, tried to kill it…but on after while I gave up that notion…. telling myself it was okay because, some summers it was so hot and dry that the leaves would just turn brown and plummet to the ground without ever turning color, those years’ poison ivy gave us our prettiest fall color.   I got to say in the fall, poison ivy is spectacular…brilliant reds and oranges!

Back to the dandelion saga, my yard was the only one on the block covered by the happy yellow flowers and they did not go unnoticed.  I do not know that I ever intentionally set out to kill a dandelion…Oh whacked them with the weed eater…that does not kill them, if anything whacking invigorates them. 

With sadness in my heart, I set out to deliberately kill the dandelions…went to the hardware store and bought a sack of happy yellow flower eradicator… that was a week ago, so far they do not seem to be at all daunted by my efforts, they are still looking up and smiling at me. I must confess, I am somewhat relieved.
Hey I got to go
Love to all