Friday, November 28, 2008

Harley's Funeral and the decorating of the Christmas tree

Harley Loved parties!

Jac and Suz

Harley was laid to rest in the rose bed.

Harley as he was at visitation....

Christiansen's comments
Hinds County Gazette

November 27 2008

Much has happened since I last was here. Our poodle, Harley, who was at least 16 years old, had to be put to sleep Monday two weeks ago.

John found Harley, abandoned, on the Natchez trace, one hot afternoon, in July of 1994. We were puzzled as to why, because, when John found him he was groomed, well fed, and showed no signs of ever being abused. But with in a very short time, we understood why he had been dumped beside the road. . Harley was not a good traveler….He loved to ride …but he barked and whined the whole time he was in the car. John and I soon came to believe his first family took him on a vacation…thought he would get tired of barking and whining and shut up on after while, but he didn't and they took the yapping as long as they could and just had to put him out, before they lost their minds….So we had no hard feelings toward his first family. ….And Our family were blessed with years of enjoyment from Harley’s faithful companionship.

Then one of my daughter ’s family cats, Baby Girl, had to be put to sleep this week, she was almost 18 years old, they had had her very nearly as long a they had Garrett. Baby girl’s passing made me conscious of the fact that my three cats, Boo, Scout and Harper Lee could out live me. If my cats live to be 20, I will be in my 80s…Elderly animals are not easy to tend to…you have to love them to deal with their little messes, piles and puddles for sure. …and Harley eating manners became quite untidy in his old age… food morsels dropped every where and he upchucked a good bit …his breath was just awful.

When I die who would take of my elderly cats and dogs? I would not want them to go to a shelter.. So I have made the decision will not be getting any more pets…and pray I outlive the animals I have.

I have good news!…I spent a bit of time the last couple of weeks being tested, scanned, and probed….There is no sign of cancer any where…I get the port out Tuesday! That chapter of my life is Over!

My Christmas tree is up and decorated! My buddies, Jacqueline and Suzanne, came over and did it for me…They were feeling sorry for me…what with Harley's death and me having to endure those tests. Actually it was Jacqueline who did the decorating…Suz had medical malady of her own, resulting in a big bo bo on her pointy finger, it was bandaged up in such a way, that it made the entire hand nearly unusable….But Suz did her part…she was a great encourager to Jac. Decorating a Christmas tree, is tedious job, but Jac brought a CD of Christmas music, So with music playing, and Suz’s encouraging words, her giggles of delight and big smiles of approval…It wasn’t long until the tree was up and lit and beautiful.

Me? What did I do while my friends were decorating my Christmas tree? Not much....I did get up to refill a glass now and then....But, mostly, I just sat there with my feet up,... watching… and Thanking God for friends…....

Love to all

Call if you need me…..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Relief At Last! Relief at Last!

Hinds County Gazette
Christiansen's Comments

Relief at last!! Relief at last!!

It is over ! After months and months of endless campaigning….Finally It is over! America has selected it’s new president. An African American, Barack Obama. Mississippi, is perceived by outsiders, as a racist state, gave him 43 percent of their votes….not a majority, but still and all when you consider 37 percent of Mississippi is black, There had to be some cross over voting…..probably on both sides.

Wednesday morning I had several calls, wondering how things were down here in Mississippi. I don’t what were they expecting…Maybe we‘d try to secede from the union, because we have a black president elect or we would rioting in the streets.

My world is rather small and my associations are mostly with white folks, probably McCain voters…but when it was over and the votes were counted…Naturally there was some disappointment…but I heard not one word about race…it was where he stands on some of the issues…

This is what I want the world to know about us white folks in Mississippi , we are not in a rage, about an African American being our new president….We have put the soon to be first family on our prayer list and we have moved on…to work, to school, into the woods to deer hunt….And of course to the Mistletoe Market.

If I was guessing, I would say Mississippi is more willing to get along then some other places…The races in Mississippi have their differences that is for sure….But unlike other places in the country, here in Mississippi both sides are well aware of those differences….Both sides know it will take time to resolve those differences….and realistically there maybe some difference that will never be fully resolved.

However I said all of that, to say this, if all the world got along as well as we do in Mississippi, it would be a far better place. The black folks in Mississippi know that it is highly unlikely that a white person is going to vote for a Democrat of any race for president…but that does not keep them from chatting with us while standing in line at the polls waiting our turn to vote… asking about each other’s families.

Our differences do not keep the white farmer from cranking up his tractor to pull a black family out of a ditch…or a black man from helping a stranded white lady change a tire.
But you will be happy to know…Both black and white Mississippians have made great advances in one area….They are both much more tolerate of Yankees. So come on down…for a visit.

Love to all

Call if you need me

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Edwards Baptist Church

Edwards, Mississippi

Keenager Lunch at the Baptist church

We are beginning to gather....left side

right side

The Ragaroos from Raymond entertained us

The nice ladies of the serving line

The Ragaroos

The Ladies of the EdwardsBaptist Chruch put on a luncheon every fall for the keenagers in and around the comunity, we all look forward to the event.....