Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hinds County News April 2017
Good Morning! Hinds County!  I am writing this March 20, the first day of Spring, today’s high, here in south central Nebraska, is fore casted to be in the middle 60s, yesterday’s high was 85, weather man said this morning, snow is a possibility toward the end of the week.

We have had some gorgeous days of I have been scrambling to get yard cleaned up and ready for spring.   I have never been ready for spring…. Ever!   Now, I understand why it was difficult to be ready for spring’s arrival while in Mississippi…big yard, so many bushes needing attention, big pecan trees, dropping huge limbs all winter long.   Those limbs piled in and around the burn pit had to be dealt with and that is not easy as you might think…You cannot just strike a match and set the pile a blaze…oh no!   It was usually very dry, so had to wait until after a nice rain...and a day the wind was not blowing.

fallen limbs from my pecan trees
fire pit behind spider

But here…in this little tiny yard…...I still cannot be ready for spring when it blows in! Why!? 
  I know the answer, I have come to believe I have a mental disorder “Putter Brain” …. I will stop raking, cutting back roses, or cleaning out planting beds to run to the lumber yard to buy lumber to build a joggling board!

This is a joggling board
(not mine)

  Or make a hardware run to get a can of bright pink paint to repaint my flamingos, or a junk run in search of yard art…. The junk run turned in to a tree and flamingo pillow buying excursion.

New Pillows

  I do recognize I am an out of control putterer…. If there is a cure…I do I really want to be cured? Me thinks not.   This morning as I peek out my front door…I see a fabulous flamingo pillow in the swing, bright red pillows in the Adirondack chairs, plastic flamingos staked around in the yard.   One hardly notices the shrubs that need tidying up, or the great piles of leaves that have blown in the corners of the fence.

new tree

The tree I planted in the front yard, by the Adirondacks and swing, is a flowering crab, the picture on the tag shows the blooms being almost the exact same color as the flamingos! Won’t that be fabulous?!!!!

I planted a maple in the back yard….in my direct line of sight, as I peer out the west window of the kitchen…. Won’t that be fabulous when the leaves turn this fall!!!

I built the Adirondack chairs from a kit, I like them a lot, they really dress up the front yard.  I painted them bright white…I am not a neat painter…lots of drips and runs…but I am not disheartened …because I have nearly convinced myself drips and runs give the chairs character and age, like this was not their first coat of paint.   And with the addition of the bright red pillows, one hardly notices the chairs runs and drips of paint.

Essentially the paint job looks as if it was done by your teenager, trying to make a fast buck, to buy a tank of gas.
Love to all
Come see me if you get this way!

You can sit and joggle on my joggling board with me….

Since writing this I have begun to make my joggling board 
 I had never heard of a joggling board, until recently when my book club read Eudora Welty’s The Delta Wedding…She mention a joggling board….so you know I must have one! I have not gotten it built yet…But lumber has been delivered!