Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christiansen's Comments Hinds County Gazette...."Brain" has been thinking...

My 1920's Kitchen and bathroom.

HInds County GazetteAugust 28 2008

Brain has been thinking again…..
In the span of one generation we have went from one car families to everybody has a car…many families have more vehicles then drivers…at one time we did here at 201.
And TVS most homes have a TV for every watcher….I have 3 hooked to cable….

And it seems the smaller families have gotten the bigger and grander the houses. And some of the bathrooms in these houses are as big as bedrooms….the showers can spray water from 3 and four places….…Does time spend in one of those luxurious spa bathrooms equal money spent to build them? I imagine if I had a big gigantic bathroom I would enjoy it. But not ever experiencing such extravagance, I am having a very hard time imagining what one might be doing in these bathrooms to warrant such a grand space.

I watch Home and Garden TV sometimes, they have this show that takes us though the process of folks picking out and buying a house….I can not believe what some of these people say as they are looking at these homes…in nice, well maintained homes they will say things like….”We would have to gut this bathroom, there is not but one sink.”, Or “these kitchen cabinets will have to be replaced” because they do not fit in with “Our life style”. On the inside, many of those buildings appear more like furniture showrooms then homes.

We also have in the same generational span have turned our schools from centers of learning and community involvement into, I don’t know what. But many are no longer safe. Schools resemble prisons more then places to absorb knowledge.

The city of Jackson in a generation has went from a quiet southern city…to where now many parts of it come across like a third world country..

Brain has been contemplating on this dilemma for sometime, so I could go on and on…….But I will try to get to point and keep it short, because I know you have things to do. This is what “Brain” wants to know….Have we given up some of our quality of life…when we voluntarily isolate ourselves from family and community?

Sunday evening, my friend ,Peggy and I went to Raymond to the play they were putting on at the Methodist Church…the play was fabulous, talented people of all ages participated, the play was funny and the music outstanding…it was a packed house. It was better then anything I have seen on TV in years.

As I sat there laughing and clapping…my mind was taken back to a time ,when life centered around, church, school and community…..We may not can recapture the past….but several times a year, thanks to the efforts of the community, we can go to the Raymond and recall our own fading memories.

Love to all and call if you need me.

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