Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doctor John McCall

Edwards Baptist Church

Doctor John McCall

The pastor at the Edwards Baptist Church, Doctor John McCall at the age of 93 has retired, Sunday, February 19 2012 was his last Sunday.    Dr. McCall served thirty years at the Baptist Church in Vicksburg, he taught at Mississippi College and 9 years here in Edwards.

 From the time I first met Dr. McCall I felt there was something truly rare about him, and it was not just his sometimes askew bow tie.

Well, Sunday I went over to the Edwards Baptist Church, for Doctor McCall’s last sermon…As least what he intends to be his last sermon, but Dr. McCall is a God called preacher, so you never know.  But I know this…Dr. McCall will be serving his Lord until his last breath…He considers it his great honor and privilege to be one of God’s servant.

 As I sat watching and listening to this unassuming man, I saw many things that makes him truly unique among men for one thing …he has no ego…he has no” look at me!” “Listen to me!” posture…..Doctor McCall preaches from the Bible, the Bible speaks for it’s self… the Bible is God’s word, he takes no credit ….that glory goes to God.

 And in his sermon Sunday, he remarked that his success in the pulpit was the doing of the congregations that God allowed him to serve, because the people were his encouragers. Which made me stop and wonder…?   Do I try to give encouragement to those around me?

 Dr. McCall radiates Christian love, and patience, and compassion and kindness….traits I strive  to have…. and do have those traits…. for a bit every morning while my Bible is open and in conversation with God, but when I close my Bible and my feet hit the floor…That’s when the rubber meets the road. I try…. I try real hard… really really hard. But, with out fail at some point…my impatience begins to show, my Christian Love wanes and my thoughts turn to resentments and judgments.

But here I go…to try again.  I do not know what this day will bring…. but I am certain how it will end…it will end by my asking God for forgiveness….
Love to all
Call if you need me

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