Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christiansen's Comments Hinds county Gazette

My john......

HCG January 17 2008
There are quinces in bloom and also forsythia!!!!! Haven’t the days been just beautiful lately?
Last Thursday, however there was a weather ordeal, what with all of the tornado warnings and all… Ordinary predictable weather we take for granted. The Pretty days in mid winter, even the grumpiest among us seem to appreciate those. Weather has a way of reminding us God in charge.
The days are getting longer again, spring will be here soon. My friends tell me, I am always rushing spring, and I am aware that we do have to get past that cold, rainy spell in February, that more often then not, accompanies the Dixie National Rodeo in to Mississippi, before we can declare….”Spring is here!!!!”
The Dixie National cold spell is what causes many of the flowers and buds on the Japanese magnolia trees to turn to slime. And it gets my plum blossoms too….I harvest about 4 plums from my tree each year.
The older I get the shorter the years…..But my days seem to be getting longer…..I love the long days. The long days allows me more time to hone my puttering skills.
John has been gone a year now, he died on January 18…There is not a day that goes by, that memories of him do not bring tears and grins…we had a nice life.
I ask Mother after John died if she missed him, she said, “As long as I have a memory, he will be with me.”
I said that to say this…. I am alone now, but, please don’t worry about me, because I am not lonely….I have my memories.Call if you need me…

Monday, January 21, 2008

PineHeart in Bolton

These pictures were taken in Bolton Mississippi. Bolton is just a few miles East of here.

I accompanied a friend who is shopping for a place to have her daughter's wedding reception.

PineHeart is high on her list.
Dinning Room
I can not resist taking pictures through lace cover windows.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's all about the train today.....

The bridge is coming a was suppose to have been finished by the first of the year...but there were pouring of cement was removed for some reason or another.
This is the new crossing on Main street...lots of lights but no arms.
This is the crossing, down from the Rather's, that is closing.
This picture has nothing to do with trains, but I thought the sky was so pretty behind the old water tower.
On page 121 of the new cook book, Southern Seasons, illustrated by Wyatt Waters, I beleive is our water tower. In the painting only three letters are showing on the sign, but they are "EDW".

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow is falling on Mississippi!

There is snow on the parsley.
There is snow on the leaves.
And it is snowing on Scout, my very confused Mississippi cat.