Sunday, December 26, 2010

Edith Blush

Mrs. Edith Blush
Long time resident of Edwards Died Christmas day.


Edith Ramke Blush was born 2/14/1916 (Valentine’s Day) in Vermilion Parish, La., near Abbeville and died 12/25/10 (Christmas Day) at Olive Branch Senior Care Center in Tallulah following an extended illness. Edith spent her teen and early adult years in New Orleans and moved to Edwards in 1947 and lived there 56 years before moving to Vicksburg in October 2003.

She was preceded in death by Richard Kohnke Blush Sr., her husband of almost 65 years; a son, Ernest Edwin Blush; her parents, Edwin Derick Ramke and Lydia Marie Lee Ramke; a brother, Otis Vincent Ramke (a casualty of World War II); and one sister, Zoie R. Kennard Cabrai.

She is survived by three sisters, Iris R. Coumes of Slidell, La., Lina R. Parisi of Covington, La., and Grace Ramke of Baton Rouge. She is also survived by three children and their spouses, Florence Edith Blush Frederick (L. Wayne Frederick) of Guntown, Miss., Richard K. Blush Jr. (Fay Conway Blush) of Vicksburg and Herbert Allen Blush (Gloria Hughes Blush) of Yazoo City; 10 grandchildren, Edith F. Wilhite, Amy F. Griffin, Iris F. Horne, Jeanne F. Hardy, Eddie Blush, Andy Blush, Eric Blush, Marian B. Hughlett, Lauren Blush and Derrick Blush; 18 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

She retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1978. She was an active member of the Edwards Baptist Church from 1947-2003, and of the Calvary Baptist Church in Vicksburg since 2003. She enjoyed gardening, being a good neighbor, ministry through her Bible class and church mission groups.

Visitation will be from 5 until 7 tonight at Glenwood Funeral Home. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home. Burial will be at the Edwards Cemetery in Edwards at 11:30 with graveside service, weather permitting. Speakers for her funeral will be the Rev. Wayne Frederick and Dr. John McCall.

Pallbearers will be William White, Clifton Reed, Billy Smith, Dave Montgomery, Lee Miller, Michael Sullivan, Joe Crist and Riley Nelson.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Calvary Baptist Church, 2878 Old Highway 27, Vicksburg, MS 39180; Edwards Baptist Church, Edwards; or the American Cancer Society, P.O.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christiansen Comments, Hinds County Gazette November 2010

The Christmas tree is decorated!

 It was a team effort for sure, I worked on it…not long, but I did work on it, I had guests for Lunch last Sunday they worked on it. Jacqueline came by Saturday and finished it up….Thank you very much Jac.

My friend Suzanne, on the other hand….. Well….she has not darken my door, since I announce my Christmas tree was down from the attic, fully assembled and ready to be decked out. Bless Suz’s heart she got caught one year decorating my tree…and Let me tell you, she was a less then enthusiastic elf. But Suz did call most everyday last week…Asking, rather overly cheerful, “what’s going on?“ I suspect it was just an attempt to find out if the tree was decorated yet, and to see if it would be safe to accept an invitation to stop by on her way home from teaching.

JO Gayle and I may have been first getting our trees up….But The Suz Girl, is not fond of tree adorning.. at all! She was on the phone weeks ago… lining up a crew to come deal with her tree…. Her daughter, Marianna and her friend Ava are coming this weekend to tend to it.

                                                       Ava and Marianna
                                            Deer Hunters  Suzanne drafted.....

My tree is up and beautifully decorated, the fruitcakes are made, dowsed with rum and are ripening in their tins, there is a batch caramels cooked and wrapped. My holiday season has begun.

There are always a good many men in the grocery when I go in the mornings…Mostly old geezers pushing the buggy for the wife…As a rule they aren’t doing a lot of smiling. But Friday morning when I was in the Kroger… there were lots of men, of all ages shopping alone, And they were grinning….I was momentarily puzzled…..Then it tumbled….They have charcoal and beer in their buggies. …they are headed to deer camp.

I told you last week that I was making Yankee dressing to take to “old people club“….They ate it! Wait a minute… I don’t know for sure that they ate it… But they did at least they put it on their plates, because it was gone except two or three spoons full, There were a couple pans of cornbread dressing too…The cornbread dressing was all gone….that’s ok, my feelings aren’t hurt.

My next culinary endeavor is going be, seeing can I make hot tamales… from scratch….I have been looking at recipes on line and watching videos of the process on Youtube. I does not appear difficult….Time consuming but not difficult…..we will see.

Sunday evening we had a lovely community Thanksgiving service at the Edwards Methodist Church …after the service…. the ladies served soup lots of different soups. We do not often get together as a community, except for funerals…It was a very special time. My joyous Christmas season has begun

I hope you have/had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be going to Angela’s. We will be eating turkey sandwiches, potato chips and dill pickles. Her philosophy is this, “why make that big enormous meal?…When really the best part of Thanksgiving dinner is the leftover turkey sandwiches. “ Angela will roasting a 20 pound turkey, essentially just to make sandwiches. Angela is a “Cut to the chase” “bottom line” kind of girl. …it must be that accountant gene she has in her.

Love to all

Call if you need me