Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Timothy Hubbard

Timothy Hubbard

Timothy "Tim" Hubbard, 50 died June 21, 2011 at his residence in Edwards.Graveside services will be 4:00 PM Thursday at Edwards Cemetery. Visitation will be 5:00- 7:00 PM Wednesday and 2:30-3:30 PM Thursday at Glenwood Funeral Home in Vicksburg. Memorials may be made to the Edwards Cemetery.

Published June 22 Clarion Ledger

Monday, June 20, 2011

Former Mayor of Edwards, Nerissa Smith, obituary from the Clarion Ledger

Nerissa  Smith

Nerissa Smith, 93, died on June 16, 2011, at her daughters' residence in Jackson Tennessee.

Most of Nerissa formative years were spent in Edwards, Mississippi. She attended High school for two years in Washington DC but returned to her beloved Edwards and graduated from Southern Christian Institute.

Nerissa was a people and community oriented person. She loved the town of Edwards and wanted to make a difference in her community. This led her to seek the position of Mayor. She ran successfully and became the first and only female (to date) Mayor of Edwards.

The first county wide Headstart program, summer youth job program, and Christmas dinner for the elderly were some of the projects she developed and implemented.

She is survived by her daughter, Catherine Lewis; two grandsons, Jonathan and his wife Erica, and Jordan; two great grandsons; one great granddaughter; sisters, Gladys Saunders of Washington, D.C. and Doris Taylor of Edwards; seventeen nieces and nephews; and a loving and caring goddaughter, Cassandra N. Lee.

Services will be held at 11: o'clock on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, at United Baptist Church in Edwards, Mississippi. Visitation will be on Monday, June 20, 2011, from 1 to 7 pm at Lakeover Funeral Home

Monday, June 13, 2011

Christiansen's Comments...Hinds County Gazette Thursday June 9 2011


I bet there are some of you who do not know anything about Facebook. I shall attempt to explain to you what little I know. Facebook is what ‘s called a “social network“…you do it on the computer, by connecting to the Internet and signing up, you able to keep up with all your “friends” without stepping outside your door or getting in the car,and driving over to a friend's house to hang out on the porch… You don’t even have to make a phone call…not anymore…just turn on your computer and you can read all about what is happening in the lives of your “friends“.

Well in fact, You don’t even have to get on a computer , if you have a smart phone….with a smart phone you never have to be out of touch with your friends, where ever you are or they are in this world, all you have to do is … touch an icon on the phone and instantly you can read all about your friends, where they are, what they are eating, and what their dog is doing…..complete with pictures!

       I was posting pictures of .....

My new Grand dog Scout...!!!!
  Animals are very popular facebook topic….yesterday Erin Noble Patrick had a picture of a baby rabbit that was found in her neighborhood. Shea Cannada had a picture of Micah cutting their dog Bojangles toe nails.…My friend Janice had a wonderful picture of her grand dog sound asleep hugging a stuffed Barney. .

Unnamed Rabbit


Sable and Barney
 Of course deer season it is all about the deer...but right now is mostly dogs and cats.

Food is another popular topic, Mary Kathryn is always posting pictures of yummy nibbles.

I have been a facebookie for awhile, but not very active…I found it was taking up too much of my time…running back and forth to my computer… and I didn’t have many friends….sort of embarrassing. You see, after the quick sign up procedure, you go on the hunt for “friends”….I asked everybody I knew to be my friend. I had less then 30....BUT of those 30, I am guessing, if I was to go live with Jesus, they all would be at my funeral...That is if I didn't die during a hunting season...or an important sports playoff.

All of my face book friends had great multitudes of "friends". Up in the high 100s some nearly 1000 ….So I begin to wonder how do they know so many people? I asked a friend, “how do you know all those “friends”?

“people ask me to be their friend.” Nobody was asking me.

But I recently bought an Iphone…I now know how folks get so many people to be their "friend"…they steal them from their "friends"…I guess I didn’t pay any attention until I got the IPhone, but you can click on your friend’s “friends” and ask them to be your ‘friend“. On one of my friends pages I came across the name Beth Harris Guider, I said out loud ,“I know her! Beth is Alison‘s mother!" Alison Guider was the star student at Hillcrest Christian School this year! my friend Lindsey Noble was the star teacher this year at Hill crest.! And Of course I know Beth’s mother Lois Harris…I knew Lois before I met her…. from reading Ms Worrell‘s Learned news… I made one touch to my IPhone screen and ask Beth to be my friend…Then I ran up on Mac McNair’s name on a friends list…I clicked on him…Never mind I hadn‘t seen Mac in 20 years…..then Joe Liddell’s name popped up on some ones list, “I know him”!!!” I have met him a couple of times at Suzanne and Dave Harpole’s house! click…. Lo and behold, all three of them let me be their friend….

Daughter Angela came, I ask her if she had any “friends” that might let me their friend …”Ask Bruce, he will be your friend.” so I did…. he is…so now I have a “friend“, that as far as I know, I have never laid eyes on…But I’m thinking I am going to like him….Saturday Bruce was out shopping with his dog Abby, there were pictures ….they were at The Bass Pro shop.


I was so encouraged I began clicking in earnest and asking folks to be my friend I now have over 100 friends.

In a very short time Facebook has redefined the term “friend“. Is it a good thing? I don’t know

 I doubt many of my newly acquired facebook friends will be at my funeral....probably will not even be aware of my passing unless they see it on facebook.…

But wouldn’t it be nice if every one in the world could be friends?
And That’s all I know about facebook…. Got to go now and water the ferns….

Call if you need me....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Christiansen's Comments from Hinds county Gazette June 02 2011

Okay first things first….

Very Urgent

We are having Bible School at the Edwards Presbyterian Church , July 20, 21, and 22...every child is welcome….so mark your calendars. But the reason I bring this up now is Lesley Cannada is organizing Bible school for us and she is in a desperate search of a camel …a real camel….You got one? I promise it will be well loved and we will not be trying to pull it through the eye of a needle.
Edwards Prebyterian Church


It is not what you know, it is who you know…

I did not know Keith Jenkins except that he is the writer of the Bolton News. But I do know Doug Beard. Doug Beard invited Doug and Kay Turner and myself to come to the Farr Road Bridge that goes over I-20 to watch the Annual “Run for the Wall” , well the riders came through much earlier then in previous years, so we missed it , but we didn’t miss the neighbor hood cook out Keith hosted in his front yard….Hot dogs and hamburgers, homemade desserts, good conversation…. those Bolton folks are so hospitable and friendly!


Speaking of Doug Turner…he retired recently and he has been working replacing the rotted wood on my house…as I said. Doug is retired, so he works me in when there is not something more fun to do….like cook outs and the like….Which suits me, I am retired too and no hurry. Doug is about finished with the front porch…Remember way back yonder I told you my back steps had been built as a temporary solution? So I asked Doug to put me on his list for new back steps….

Doug and Scout

Doug and were discussing the back steps… when I had an epiphany! …“I don’t want steps! I want a ramp! “ ……at first Doug was not sure a ramp was such a good idea, because right now he didn’t think I needed one. But when I explained I could just load my groceries, bottled water, etc in a cart and pull them up the ramp and how helpful a ramp would be getting those 50 pound bags of dog food to the back porch, I sold him…But I thought if both Doug and I think the ramp is a good idea…I just knew Kay would hate it…Kay is sort of my ecstatic advisor.

 I called Kay, and she did hate the ramp idea… vehemently hated the ramp idea….Kay didn’t care if the ramp would ease my burden, it was tacky …Then, way on after while she remembered Charlie, my old dog, and how his old bones are beginning to bother him…and she said, ”It would make it much easier for Charlie get in and out.” and with that thought, Kay was on board. With Kay Turner, Kay Turner it is all about the animals and their comfort and their convenience.

By the way, Kay and Doug son, Jeff will be in New York New York doing a show in June…so if you are in New York !

Hey I got to go,

call if you need me or find a camel.

Post Script

We are in mourning here at 201.....My old dog Charlie died this week.

Charlie at my pre Chemo party
March 2006