Thursday, September 1, 2016

Red Necks and Cajuns

Mississippi Rednecks

Louisiana Cajuns 

Hinds County News September 2016

Recently, I was in South Louisiana, White Castle, at Nottaway Plantation, for my grandson Garrett’s wedding. It was beautiful!  And the food!  I do not think there is any better food anywhere, than south Louisiana. We had a grand time!

 One week later, on that very area, a storm with no name, dropped 20 plus inches of rain, more rain than came with Katrina, causing history making floods.  My heartbreaks for those folks.
But, they are not without help and support, almost immediately some of our Mississippi boys loaded up their pickups and headed to south Louisiana. These guys have been called “Rednecks”.    Those Rednecks took boats, tools and all supplies they could carry.  And they were ready to work…hands on… boots on the ground work.  Ready to do what they could to help out those Louisiana Cajuns in their time of need.

I may not be politically correct, using such terms as Redneck and Cajun, but those who are Rednecks and Cajuns seem to be proud to be what they are…. Boys raised on the river and in the woods!
Mississippi is jam packed with Red Necks, some are riding tractors, some driving trucks, some roping cows, working at the hardware store etc.  But what may shock folks not from the South…. they can also be found behind desks in corporate offices!

 God Bless those Mississippi men, black and white, who were raised in the woods and on the river! Those guys know what to do in a crisis!   Thank you for all you do!

I shall tell you about the trip and wedding next time, my heart is not in it today.
Love to all

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